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FIGHTING FOR COMPENSATION OR BENEFITS? You're not alone with Daniel B. Scott Attorney at Law

A Law Firm Providing Diversified Services

Attorney Daniel B. Scott has practiced law for more than 30 years. He prides himself on finding a way to help everyone who comes through his door. While his primary focus areas are workers’ compensation, personal injury and Social Security Disability claims, he also helps clients with other legal issues as well. While his first course of action is to resolve legal issues through negotiation, he is a trained litigator and is always prepared to go to court if it becomes necessary.

Divorce: A Challenging Process For Many

After decades of working with people going through divorce, attorney Scott understands the difficulties involved in dissolving a marriage. He works hard to make the process as stress-free as possible. By taking a hands-on approach, Mr. Scott makes sure that he addresses all of the pertinent details surrounding the break-up of the marriage and sets realistic goals for their divorce settlements.

Clients often seek and receive assistance with the following aspects of divorce:

  • Child custody and support
  • Alimony and the division of marital assets
  • Modification of divorce agreements
  • Post-divorce appeals over hidden assets and other issues

While a divorce is not normally a cause for celebration, attorney Scott’s diligent approach to details and clear explanations reassure clients that their interests have been protected.

Criminal Law: In Defense Of The Accused

For clients who have been charged with crimes, attorney Scott takes a strong, aggressive approach toward their defense. He understands when a client’s future is at stake. Beyond exorbitant fines and possible time behind bars, a criminal conviction can have harmful long-term consequences, including limitations on your access to housing, education and employment.

Mr. Scott uses innovative strategy and an aggressive approach in defending clients against criminal charges. He represents clients against all types of criminal charges including:

  • DUI and/or driving with a suspended driver’s license after a DUI arrest or conviction
  • Drug possession, distribution or manufacture
  • Theft, including shoplifting or a white collar crime
  • A misdemeanor or felony of any type

No matter what charges you face, attorney Scott will search for all relevant facts and develop a strategy to help you come out with a favorable result.

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